What is the most important part of advertising?
Adboard Tips / October 11th, 2017 7:10 pm
I know it's a long title but the most important part of your advertising regimen at YBC Adboard is to log in. Daily login habits can have a positive impact on your website traffic flow. Take a look at a few reasons how.
  1. Check ad performance: you can check your classifieds to see if they have gained any impressions and clicks. Plus, you can refresh or renew them if needed.
  2. Banner advertising: setting up banner ads in relation to your classifieds will help you gain more exposure to your websites. Another good thing about this is you can test how well your strategy is holding up.
  3. Consistency: you can consistently post more than three times a day. While using a different ad each time you can really see a steady flow of traffic your website.
  4. Cloak your website links: got a nasty long and very ugly looking affiliate link? Well, you can log in to your account and cloak and shorten that link.
  5. Rotate it: well so many links to promote so little time. You can create a link to advertise all of your links at once. That's definitely free.
How to gain more traffic part2
Adboard Tips / September 17th, 2017 2:33 pm
At YBC Ad board the name of the game is classifieds. Two blog posts ago I mentioned a few ways to gain more traffic with your ads. There are at least three more ways to gain more traction. Check them out below. 
Consistent posting

Frequency, of posting an ad depends on the success of your ad.  If you post your ad at least twice a day, you will gain more exposure. You can even post three times every other day. You'll be able to see a steady flow of visitors to your links. Why is frequency so important to an ad campaign? Well, you want that ad to be seen often because you stand a better chance at clicks. There is a saying the advertising community that if an ad is seen at least seven times, there is a chance you might make that sale. 
Edit and update

 Every once in a while you come back to your ad campaign and check the statistics. However, you notice that your campaigns yield no clicks or impressions. What could be the problem? Typos could be the issue. There is a misspelled word in the headline or words used in the wrong context. It is always good to proofread ad copy before you finally post. But just in case you missed something, come back and refresh your ads.
Change the angle

 Ok so the ad was proofread and you have been posting them a while. There is still a problem with your ad. Perhaps, change the angle. How? If you have a website service or product with a multitude of features, you can use one feature in each ad. Plus you can highlight one benefit of that feature. For example, you have a one-stop shop type of site. You offer SEO, web design, blogging, blog design and traffic generation in one site. Use each feature and benefit in each ad and rotate them. Why? One, you can see how each ad performs. Two, you can cover more ground with your ads. The point is to test just how clickable your headline is. Then you can tweak your ads along the way. 
So, what is the endgame? Pay attention to your campaigns and refresh them. Sometimes ads are not phrased correctly. Plus, focusing on one side of a product or service can hinder the ad. Lastly, posting as often as three times a day can help build a following. 
Five things to post in an adboard
Adboard Tips / August 13th, 2017 5:50 pm
There are so many things to advertise these days. You can post them in an ad board. Let’s take a look at five things you can post in an ad board.
  1. Fan fiction: Are you a writer of a particular genre? You can advertise your work on an ad board. Maybe, you read an amazing fan fiction or original fiction novel. Share that novel and the author on the ad board.
  2. Blog site or latest post: You can showcase your new blog or the latest topic. Plus, advertise a product or service you are talking about on your blog.
  3. Ezines and Newsletters: Yes those still exist. If you are an Ezine marketer or publisher, you can post about it on the Ad board. Showcase your latest issue and other content. If you don't see a category that fits your needs just suggest it to the administrator of the website.
  4. Scripts and software: Have a hot new product to sell? Post a classified in the ad board. You can break down the features in different ads. You can cover a lot of ground that way.
  5. Communit...