What is the most important part of advertising?
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I know it's a long title but the most important part of your advertising regimen at YBC Adboard is to log in. Daily login habits can have a positive impact on your website traffic flow. Take a look at a few reasons how.
  1. Check ad performance: you can check your classifieds to see if they have gained any impressions and clicks. Plus, you can refresh or renew them if needed.
  2. Banner advertising: setting up banner ads in relation to your classifieds will help you gain more exposure to your websites. Another good thing about this is you can test how well your strategy is holding up.
  3. Consistency: you can consistently post more than three times a day. While using a different ad each time you can really see a steady flow of traffic your website.
  4. Cloak your website links: got a nasty long and very ugly looking affiliate link? Well, you can log in to your account and cloak and shorten that link.
  5. Rotate it: well so many links to promote so little time. You can create a link to advertise all of your links at once. That's definitely free.
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